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Here at Leisure Isle RV Campground & Sales, we carry one of the largest selections of metal buildings and structures in or near Montgomery, Alabama. Whether you choose a fixed structure or a custom metal building, we can deliver the structure you need at a price you can afford. Our metal buildings provide protection against wind, rain, snow, hail and ice.

High quality metal structures

Ask us about our payment options such as financing, rent-to-own, and layaway.

We carry finished buildings – perfect for an office or hunting cabin – complete with insulation, ceilings, paneling, flooring, etc. We also have rent to own programs that are available featuring 24, 36, & 42 month payment plans.

Wide selection of metal buildings

Delivery is FREE within

40 miles of Montgomery, AL.


Our Metal Building services:

  • Sizes from 8' x 10 'to 12' x 40'

  • Roofs - choose from standard or long gable style - upgrade to shingle or steel roofs

  • Standard door size -  is 48” but can be upgraded to 6’ double doors

  • Options include: taller walls, lofts, air vents, electrical wiring, ac, frame outs, house-style doors/windows

  • Choose from our attractive dutch lap siding – in many colors or for a wooden look choose smart board siding

  • Quick delivery – choose a building on our lot or place an order for custom design


Windows – All buildings come with 1-2 24” x 36” windows that can be placed anywhere you like (extra windows can be added).  Standard windows can be upgraded to insulated vinyl house windows.

Doors – The standard aluminum door is 48”, but when that is not enough, we also have 5’, 6’ double doors, and roll-up doors available.


Upgrades – Steel doors – 6 panel, 9 lite and 15 lite house doors also available.

Our walls are constructed on 24” centers as a standard, but can be modified to 16” or 12” centers, allowing for stronger buildings and also makes insulating, etc. easier. With our metal buildings, the standard side height is 7’ but there is an option of 8’ walls also

Steel Roofs - offer a stronger structure with the 29 gauge sheeting and are available in many colors and comes with a 40 year warranty.  Something especially important to consider when placing the building under shedding trees


Shingle Roofs – some neighborhoods require shingle roofs or the homeowner may want the building to match their home.  Architectural shingles dress-up the building and at the same time add extra support. Several colors are in stock, but other colors are available when necessary.

Leisure Isle RV Campground & Sales carries a full selection of storage shop made of aluminum or LP Smart Board wood siding as well as wood, and metal. We invite you to peruse our selection or email us for more information about our products and services.

Add that much needed storage space

Attractive dutch lap aluminum siding is the standard material used on the Wright Bldgs., which is available in nearly 30 colors including trim – more than anyone around.  Some neighborhoods require painted wood siding to meet covenants, so we also offer LP Smart Board-sided buildings that can match the colors on the home.

Basic Features

Standard Gable – “the tried and true” traditional style that’s been around for many years, the highest point of the building is in the center & tapers off on the sides


Long Gable – this style is constructed with a pre-made truss system that gives a taller roof pitch that adds more cubic footage – perfect for lofts

Available Roof Styles

Floor Construction

With our buildings, only the best materials are used.  The floors start with Yellow Wood 4” X 6” skids, above this is 2” x 6” floor joists, topped with ¾” tounge and groove plywood floors.  The standard floor joists are constructed on 16” centers, but can be upgraded to 12” centers for extra support.


Available Upgrades

Roof Construction


Wall Construction

  • Extra Doors

  • Roll-Ups

  • Windows

  • Taller Walls

  • Steel and Shingle Roofs

  • Insulation On Walls and Ceiling

  • Finished Ceilings With Tiles

  • Vinyl and Carpet Flooring

  • A.C. Frame-Outs

  • Wiring Packages

  • Lofts For Extra Storage

  • Divider Walls

  • Porches

  • Sizes available – 8 x 10 – 8 x 24, 10 x 10 – 10 x 24, 12 x 12 – 12 x 40 (aluminum)

We also sell office buildings & cabins which carry the following benefits:

  • Inexpensive alternative to leasing or constructing office buildings

  • Expand home business to separate office

  • Instead of buying that pricey vacation home, take advantage of your land or lake lot by adding a finished cabin for your new get-a-away hotspot.  Cabins also make great hunting places and game rooms for the husband and kids.

  • Interior walls can be added for sleeping quarters, bathrooms, kitchens, etc… taller walls to accommodate house doors/windows, insulated walls with nice wood paneling, either carpet or vinyl flooring, multiple electric outlets/light fixtures throughout, with many other options available. Please see picture for an example of what we can do or bring in your design for a quote.